Automate Document and Form Generation for Oklahoma Court Forms in AbacusLaw

Stay up-to-date on the latest Court Forms changes and updates with the Oklahoma Court Forms pack for AbacusLaw all-in-one legal practice management software. Generate signature-ready, error-free forms in minutes within AbacusLaw by automatically filling templates with information from your existing database.

Oklahoma Court Forms pack includes the following:

  • OK-AOC-28 GUA Review Hearing Scheduling Order
  • OK-AOC-29 GUA Guardianship Review Form
  • OK-AOC-30 GUA Notice of Hearing Affidavit of Service
  • OK-AOC-31 GUA Plan for the Care and Treatment of Ward
  • OK-AOC-32 GUA Plan for the Management of the Property of the Ward
  • OK-AOC-34 GUA Report on Guardianship of the Person
  • OK-AOC-34A GUA Report on Guardianship of Property
  • OK-AOC-35 GUA Report on Guardianship of the Property of Minor Ward
  • OK-AOC-57 FAM Child Visitation Registry
  • OK-AOC-73 FAM Motion for Enforcement of Non-Custodial Visitation Rights
  • OK-AOC-76 FAM Standard Visitation Schedule and Advisory Guidelines
  • OK-AOC-HANDBOOK GUA Guardianship Handbook
  • OK-AOC-MOTION FAM Motion for Enforcement of Non-Custodial Parent Visitation Rights
  • OK-AOC-ORDER FAM Order for Enforcement of Non-Custodial Parent Visitation Rights
  • OK-AOC-RELHANDBK GUA Relative Guardianship Handbook

  • OK-CIVILCOVER FAM Civil Cover Sheet
  • OK-CRIMINALCOVER FAM Criminal Cover Sheet
  • OK-ESAIF FAM Early Settlement and Intake Form
  • OK-JUDICIALORDER FAM Judicial Order for Proper Conduct
  • OK-NOTICECONFERE FAM Notice of Conference
  • OK-OAPC FAM Order Appointing Parenting Coordinator
  • OK-ORDROFREFERRL FAM Order of Referral to Mediation for Visitation
  • OK-ORDRSETHEAR FAM Order Setting Hearing
  • OK-PARENTINGPLAN FAM Parenting Plan Order
  • OK-PAUPERSAFFIDA FAM Pauper’s Affidavit
  • OK-PFETPO FAM Petition for Emergency Temporary Protective Order
  • OK-PFPO FAM Petition for Protective Order
  • OK-PTCO FAM Pre-Trial Conference Order
  • OK-PTCRAH FAM Pre-Trial Conference Request and Hearing
  • OK-PTFD FAM Pre-Trial Financial Declaration
  • OK-RTOCM FAM Request to Order Case Management
  • OK-SUMMONSNOTICE FAM Summons and Notice of Temporary Injunction
  • OK-TEMPORDRAGRMT FAM Temporary Order Agreement
  • OK-TOFD FAM Temporary Order Financial Declaration
  • OK-VISITORDRSMPL FAM Visitation Order (sample)

In addition to the above Oklahoma Court Forms, there are a variety of other court form packs and legal calendaring rule sets available to add-on to AbacusLaw. Our Professional Services team can also help create a library of personalized forms and document templates for your firm. Contact us today to learn more.