Your law firm runs on rules. Your calendar should too.

Feel secure with an organized calendar that notifies you of changes in the office or on the go. Abacus Court Rules (ACR) seamlessly integrate into your case management software and provide automated court rules synced with an easy-to-use calendar. Continuously updated with Federal, State, and Local Rules, ACR ensures that you are focused throughout the case lifecycle. And unlike other services, our calendars seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office so you can have peace of mind at home, in the office, or on the go.

“With Amicus, the time savings that we have, having everything integrated in to one, is tremendous.

Because of that time savings, we are able to produce so much more, be so much more effective with what we’re doing for our clients, and what we’re able to bill.”

Ryan Gregerson, Pearson Butler

Federal to County Rules-based Calendaring

Built in to AbacusLaw all-in-one practice management & accounting, Amicus Attorney legal case management, and Amicus Cloud: Legal automation and payments simplified include our rules engine that automatically calculates and schedules critical deadlines for a matter based on the appropriate Federal, State and/or Local Court Rules. Workflows set case milestones that can be assigned to different staff members and tracked for enhanced productivity and control. Change an event and all related dates are automatically updated.

The following Rule Sets are available for AbacusLaw and Amicus Attorney:

  • Federal Appellate and District Court Rules
  • Federal Court Rules of Civil Procedure

  • Arizona Civil Procedure Rules

  • California Civil Procedure Rules (including CRC)
  • California Appellate Rules of Court
  • California Family Law Rules
  • California Central District Federal Rules
  • California Eastern District Federal Rules
  • California Northern District Federal Rules
  • California Southern District Federal Rules

California County Local Rules of Court for the following:

Alameda County

  • California Alameda Family Law Rules
  • CA Alameda Superior Court Rules

Alpine County

  • CA Alpine Superior Court Rules

Amador County

  • California Amador Family Law Rules
  • CA Amador Superior Court Rules

Butte County

  • California Butte Family Law Rules
  • CA Butte Superior Court Rules

Calaveras County

  • California Calaveras Family Law Rules
  • CA Calaveras Superior Court Rules

Colusa County

  • CA Colusa Superior Court Rules

Contra Costa County

  • California Contra Costa Family Law Rules
  • CA Contra Costa Superior Court Rules

Del Norte County

  • CA Del Norte Superior Court Rules

El Dorado County

  • California El Dorado Family Law Rules
  • CA El Dorado Superior Court Rules

Fresno County

  • California Fresno Family Law Rules
  • CA Fresno Superior Court Rules

Humboldt County

  • California Humboldt Family Law Rules
  • CA Humboldt Superior Court Rules

Imperial County

  • California Imperial Family Law Rules
  • CA Imperial Superior Court Rules

Inyo County

  • California Inyo Family Law Rules
  • CA Inyo Superior Court Rules

Kern County

  • California Kern Family Law Rules
  • CA Kern Superior Court Rules

Kings County

  • California Kings Family Law Rules
  • CA Kings Superior Court Rules

Lake County

  • California Lake Family Law Rules
  • CA Lake Superior Court Rules

Lassen County

  • CA Lassen Superior Court Rules

Los Angeles County

  • California Los Angeles Family Law Rules
  • CA Los Angeles Superior Court Rules

Madera County

  • California Madera Family Law Rules
  • CA Madera Superior Court Rules

Marin County

  • California Marin Family Law Rules
  • CA Marin Superior Court Rules

Mariposa County

  • California Mariposa Family Law Rules
  • CA Mariposa Superior Court Rules

Mendocino County

  • California Mendocino Family Law Rules
  • CA Mendocino Superior Court Rules

Merced County

  • California Merced Family Law Rules
  • CA Merced Superior Court Rules

Modoc County

  • California Modoc Family Law Rules
  • CA Modoc Superior Court Rules

Mono County

  • California Mono Family Law Rules
  • CA Mono Superior Court Rules

Monterey County

  • California Monterey Family Law Rules
  • CA Monterey Superior Court Rules

Napa County

  • California Napa Family Law Rules
  • CA Napa Superior Court Rules

Nevada County

  • California Nevada Family Law Rules
  • CA Nevada Superior Court Rules

Orange County

  • California Orange Family Law Rules
  • CA Orange Superior Court Rules

Placer County

  • California Placer Family Law Rules
  • CA Placer Superior Court Rules

Plumas County

  • California Plumas Family Law Rules
  • CA Plumas Superior Court Rules

Riverside County

  • California Riverside Family Law Rules
  • CA Riverside Superior Court Rules

Sacramento County

  • California Sacramento Family Law Rules
  • CA Sacramento Superior Court Rules

San Benito County

  • California San Benito Family Law Rules
  • CA San Benito Superior Court Rules

San Bernardino County

  • California San Bernardino Family Law Rules
  • CA San Bernardino Superior Court Rules

San Diego County

  • California San Diego Family Law Rules
  • CA San Diego Superior Court Rules

San Francisco County

  • California San Francisco Family Law Rules
  • CA San Francisco Superior Court Rules

San Joaquin County

  • California San Joaquin Family Law Rules
  • CA San Joaquin Superior Court Rules

San Luis Obispo County

  • California San Luis Obispo Family Law Rules
  • CA San Luis Obispo Superior Court Rules

San Mateo County

  • California San Mateo Family Law Rules
  • CA San Mateo Superior Court Rules

Santa Barbara County

  • California Santa Barbara Family Law Rules
  • CA Santa Barbara Superior Court Rules

Santa Clara County

  • California Santa Clara Family Law Rules
  • CA Santa Clara Superior Court Rules

Santa Cruz County

  • California Santa Cruz Family Law Rules
  • CA Santa Cruz Superior Court Rules

Shasta County

  • California Shasta Family Law Rules
  • CA Shasta Superior Court Rules

Sierra County

  • California Sierra Family Law Rules
  • CA Sierra Superior Court Rules

Siskiyou County

  • California Siskiyou Family Law Rules
  • CA Siskiyou Superior Court Rules

Solano County

  • California Solano Family Law Rules
  • CA Solano Superior Court Rules

Sonoma County

  • California Sonoma Family Law Rules
  • CA Sonoma Superior Court Rules

Stanislaus County

  • California Stanislaus Family Law Rules
  • CA Stanislaus Superior Court Rules

Tehama County

  • CA Tehama Superior Court Rules

Trinity County

  • CA Trinity Superior Court Rules

Tulare County

  • California Tulare Family Law Rules
  • CA Tulare Superior Court Rules

Tuolumne County

  • California Tuolomne Family Law Rules
  • CA Tuolumne Superior Court Rules

Ventura County

  • California Ventura Family Law Rules
  • CA Ventura Superior Court Rules

Yolo County

  • California Yolo Family Law Rules
  • CA Yolo Superior Court Rules

Yuba County

  • California Yuba Family Law Rules
  • CA Yuba Superior Court Rules

  • Colorado Civil Procedure Rules

  • Connecticut Civil Procedure Rules

  • Florida Civil Procedure Rules
  • Florida District Court Rules
    • FL Middle District Federal Rules of Court
    • FL Northern District Federal Rules of Court
    • FL Southern District Federal Rules of Court

  • Georgia Civil Procedure Rules

  • Illinois Civil Procedure Rules

  • Massachusetts Civil Procedure Rules

  • Michigan Civil Procedure Rules

  • Missouri Civil Procedure Rules

  • Nevada Civil Procedure Rules

  • New Jersey Civil Procedure Rules

  • New Mexico Civil Procedure Rules

  • New York Civil Procedure Rules
  • New York Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
    • NY Northern Federal Rules
    • NY Eastern Federal Rules
    • NY Southern Federal Rules
    • NY Western Federal Rules

  • North Carolina Civil Procedure Rules

  • Ohio Civil Procedure Rules

  • Oregon Civil Procedure Rules

  • Pennsylvania Civil Procedure Rules

  • South Carolina Civil Procedure Rules

  • Tennessee Civil Procedure Rules

  • Texas Civil Procedure Rules

  • Washington Civil Procedure Rules
  • WA Western District Federal Court Rules
  • WA King Superior Court Rules

Legal Case Workflow and Court Rules

Automate case workflow, delegate tasks, generate documents, schedule reminders, and eliminate bottlenecks. The rules engine can be customized to calculate all critical deadlines for a matter based on Federal, State and your jurisdiction’s court rules.