Automatically assemble error-free legal documents

The latest version of HotDocs Advance now integrates with AbacusLaw legal practice management software, providing firms with the ability to automatically assemble error-free documents using the client, calendar, and case information already in the AbacusLaw system.

“The time savings that we have, having everything integrated in to one, is tremendous.

Because of that time savings, we are able to produce so much more, be so much more effective with what we’re doing for our clients, and what we’re able to bill.”

Ryan Gregerson, Pearson Butler

Leverage your practice management database with HotDocs document automation

One click when viewing a client, calendar, or matter in AbacusLaw triggers HotDocs Advance powerful document generation with premade and custom templates.

Build out interviews in HotDocs Advance to launch from within AbacusLaw records, and prepopulate field answers with information from AbacusLaw.

Create a template from any document you produce regularly using Author, an easy to use design tool that works as an add-on within Microsoft Word.

Fields for client records from AbacusLaw can be built in to powerful HotDocs document templates.

The deep integration makes matters, clients, and calendar information from within AbacusLaw available for use with HotDocs document automation.

Forms, templates, interviews, and more from HotDocs are available to further streamline your law practice operations.

According to a recent technology survey from the American Bar Association, HotDocs is the platform of choice for 60% of the US document-generation.