Automate Document and Form Generation for Minnesota Court Forms in AbacusLaw

Stay up-to-date on the latest Court Forms changes and updates with the Minnesota Court Forms pack for AbacusLaw all-in-one legal practice management software. Generate signature-ready, error-free forms in minutes within AbacusLaw by automatically filling templates with information from your existing database.

Minnesota Court Forms pack includes the following:

  • MN-APD CRIM Application for a Public Defender
  • MN-CRM101 CRIM Petition to Enter Plea of Guilty in Felony Case Pursuant to Rule 15
  • MN-CRM102 CRIM Petition to Enter Plea of Guilty in Misdemeanor or Gross Misdemeanor Case Pursuant to Rule 15
  • MN-CRM201 CRIM Statement of Rights First Court Appearance on Extradition Proceedings
  • MN-CRM202 CRIM Felony – Gross Misdemeanor First Appearance Statement of Rights
  • MN-CRM203 CRIM Gross Misdemeanor DUI Statement of Rights
  • MN-CRM204 CRIM Misdemeanor Statement of Rights
  • MN-CRM205 CRIM Petty Misdemeanor Statement of Rights
  • MN-CRM206 CRIM Probation Violation or Violation of Sentencing Order Statement of Rights
  • MN-CRM301 CRIM Affidavit for Restitution Minn. Stat. §611A.04
  • MN-CRM401 CRIM SUBPOENA in a Criminal Case
  • MN-CRM402 CRIM Application for Reimbursement of Witness Expenses
  • MN-CRM501 CRIM Prosecutor’s Notice of Biological or Fingerprint Evidence Related to Identification of Defendant
  • MN-CRM502 CRIM Prosecutor’s Notice of Potentially Hazardous Exhibits
  • MN-CRM503 CRIM Prosecutor’s Notice of Retention or Early Release of Potentially Hazardous DNA & Fingerprint Exhibits Received into Evid
  • MN-CRM610 CRIM Affidavit / Proof of Transfer of Firearms
  • MN-CRM703 CRIM Certificate of Representation
  • MN-CRM704 CRIM Petition To Proceed As Pro Se Counsel
  • MN-CRM901 CRIM Notice of Audio/Video Coverage Minn. Gen. R. Prac. 4.03(a)
  • MN-CRM903 CRIM Victim Agreement to Audio/Video Coverage Minn. Gen. R. Prac. 4.02(d)(iv)
  • MN-CSD903 CRIM Affidavit in Support of Motion to Modify Medical Support ONLY

In addition to the above Minnesota Judicial Court Forms, there are a variety of other court form packs and legal calendaring rule sets available to add-on to AbacusLaw. Our Professional Services team can even help you create your own library of personalized forms and document templates.