Gavel & Gown Announces the Release of Amicus Attorney 2015!

December 13, 2016  |  Amicus Attorney, Press Release

Toronto, Canada (January 5, 2015) – Gavel & Gown Software Inc. is the leading developer of practice management software for lawyers. Its product line includes the world leading Amicus Attorney Premium. One of the most widely used programs in the legal community, Amicus Premium offers an extensive set of practice management tools that help lawyers stay organized and get the most out of their time practicing law.

Amicus Premium 2015 has just been released, and it’s a game-changer. Along with a brand new sleek, modern look, it comes with a host of substantial new capabilities to help lawyers practice law, with a special emphasis on client collaboration. One of its most revolutionary new features is the Amicus Client Portal – a secure entry point that clients can enter via a web browser. The portal is uniquely branded for each firm, so it looks exclusive to the lawyers and their clients who are using it. With a few simple clicks, clients can view and download documents, see their file, provide commentary or instructions and upload relevant information. All data resides on the firm’s server, so all parties get the Amicus peace of mind that the data is safe and protected.

Amicus Premium 2015 enhances law firm productivity in many more ways. It manages email, even when the desktop PC is turned off. There’s improved matter automation, better delegation, better document searching, enhanced chronologies, improved mobility tools and much more.
The Billing component of Amicus has also been improved in 2015, and now lets lawyers customize their bills with split billing. Another new feature has the capability to send alerts when retainers have reached their threshold.

“We’re really excited about Amicus Premium 2015”, said Ron Collins, President of Gavel & Gown Software. “Not only will the new features and benefits have a profound impact on every law firm’s operation and levels of profitability, their clients will visibly reap substantial rewards. Enhanced client service is one of the most important aspects for improving a law practice.”

About Gavel & Gown Software

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Toronto, Gavel & Gown Software’s mission is to make law firms more productive and profitable, while providing lawyers with greater peace of mind. Amicus Attorney is the world’s leading practice management software for lawyers, with tens of thousands of law firms worldwide using the product. Gavel & Gown’s numerous achievements are recognized through the success of its customers and through its alliances with key strategic partners. As a measure of this phenomenal success, Amicus Attorney has won more than 30 prominent industry awards, has been endorsed by major law societies and has been recognized by independent surveys as the most widely used practice management software in the USA.
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