Amicus Attorney’s Innovative Dashboards and File Navigation Enable Firm growth in 2021

April 19, 2021  |  Amicus Attorney

With this latest Amicus Attorney release, we are excited to announce a significant interface redesign that enables visibility into your practice, your billings, and how the entire firm is capitalizing on an increase in business as the economy roars back. Version 20.7 facilitates firm management insights and data driven decisions with tailored views into active files, outstanding communications, cash flow, payments, along with heightened security protections and performance optimization to spur firm growth.

Exciting new upgrades in version 20.7

Here’s a quick look at the exciting upgrades this version has to offer:

Visual and Navigation Update

Redesign of Contacts and Files navigation makes it easier to see more information in less space, helping you find what you need quickly.

Attorney and Billing Dashboards

Visual display of new records, time entry tracking, active files breakdown and outstanding communications along with WIP, AR and quick actions mean you know more and do more with less effort.

Horizontal and Full Screen Supported

File layouts have been streamlined so each screen is organized to display exactly what you need, with easy adjustments to get the most out of increasingly popular larger monitors.

Personalization to your preference

Amicus users can use a firm supplied image or their own preferred background if desired, making software personal and engaging instead of facing cookie cutter banality each day.

Improved Search and Retrieval

Fast and thorough full text search through files, people, time sheets, expenses, and notes with a quick clear function means the pearls of wisdom amongst your voluminous data are available for instant recall.

Other New Features:

  • Security: MSXLM modernization and TLS encryption enhancements are steps forward in future proofing your firm.
  • System Health Checks: Amicus now offers status alerts when integrations, connectivity, or synchronization are not optimal. This service runs behind the scenes to give you peace of mind and fewer IT headaches.

How to install Amicus Attorney 20.7

Firms currently using the most recent version of Amicus Attorney will be upgraded through the new automatic update utility to push updates to all workstations. Firms using Amicus Attorney 20.3 or earlier will update the server followed by each workstation in a familiar process. Clients in need of assistance can submit a support ticket in the Customer Account Portal, or use the support live chat feature—at the bottom right of the Customer Account Portal when logged in.

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