Maximize billable time & maintain focus on your practice

Amicus Attorney is an intuitive legal case management software solution that tracks and invoices billable time, automates important documents, and provides access to all your clients, cases, and matters. Work from your desktop or in a Private Cloud, while integrating with other applications like QuickBooks that you rely on. Manage your matters and your legal practice, and combine with your most trusted apps, for immediate results.

“With Amicus, the time savings that we have, having everything integrated in to one, is tremendous.

Because of that time savings, we are able to produce so much more, be so much more effective with what we’re doing for our clients, and what we’re able to bill.”

Ryan Gregerson, Pearson Butler

Empower your practice with legal case management software
built by lawyers for lawyers

Get more control of your firm, and make you and your team more efficient. Amicus practice management software for lawyers helps you work, keeps you organized, and gives you peace of mind, while making your firm more profitable.

Legal Calendaring
Don’t watch another appointment fly by. Amicus Attorney manages, shares, and updates your calendar. Everyone stays on the same page, whether you’re meeting a deadline solo, working with a small cohort, or collaborating across your entire firm.

Court Date Calculator & Rules Based Calendaring
Your legal work starts as soon as dates hit your calendar. Make sure you adhere to the appropriate rules without losing time to check the required deadlines. Subscribe to legal calendar rule set updates and keep track of your cases, with notification of any changes, so you’re always up to date.

Event Linking
Legal steps usually have defined timelines or deadlines with many related activities. Don’t get lost in a scheduling maze. Link events for each case with Amicus Attorney. Easily track progress and share calendar updates with your team over the lifetime of each case.

Precedent Workflows
Keeping track of the conditions in each precedent workflow can take just as much time as completing tasks, especially since some workflows can seem like a moving target. Amicus legal software manages your workflow, so you complete tasks and meet deadlines accurately and consistently across your firm.

Client Matters
Client matters are the building blocks of your practice, and without the right management tools, your practice could fall apart. We understand how important this information is, so Amicus makes all your client and case files instantly accessible, intuitively organized, and easy to use.

Tasks and Deadlines
Consider Amicus your administrative assistant, keeping your tasks and deadlines organized so you can get things done. It’s your ultimate to-do list with a task manager running alongside your case matters and rules-based calendaring. The Tasks module is quick and easy to use—just type in an action and click “return” and you’ve created a new task. Editing in place lets you modify tasks on the go.

Streamlined Document Management Operations
Does tracking down your case documents feel like an archeological excavation? Stop digging. We know your practice creates and manages countless documents: contracts, deeds, mortgages, pleadings, transcripts, filings, and the list goes on. Access them in one place with a single click.

Fast and Accurate Document Automation
Managing inaccurate documents is as useful to you as collecting outdated phonebooks. Amicus Attorney uses the data in your client matters to accurately and efficiently automate legal documents in the same secure platform. Say goodbye to late nights manually filling forms or introducing human errors.

Time Entry Assistant
Amicus Attorney makes it so easy to create time entries that record all the work you do. When you’re at your busiest, billable activities can get lost in the hustle. With a click, Time Entry Assistant shows you all your activities where no time entry has been recorded, so you can take every unexpected client call and email to the bank.

Time Capture
You’re working more than you think. Manual time tracking eats up precious minutes. While you work, Amicus Attorney is in the background, keeping track of your billable time so nothing falls between the cracks. If you need to add a task to the billing record, you can do that, too. It’s never been easier to reclaim your time.

Time and Fees
Amicus Billing unites your time and fee management to streamline client billing. Step one: Record your time quickly, easily, and accurately. Step two: Automatically apply custom billing rates and behaviors to the billable hours recorded for each client. Step three: Get back to the work you do best.

Collections and Payments with Amicus Attorney and APX
You aren’t a collections officer, but sometimes if can feel that way. No one likes chasing payments, but staying on top of billing deadlines is an essential part of a financially successful practice. Bill & invoice clients with the integrated APX PayNow solution. When clients don’t pay promptly, Amicus Billing keeps track of their file and generates payment reminders for clients.

Mass Billing
When you bill on a regular schedule rather than after each client case ends, you save time and collect more revenue. Win, win. With mass billing from Amicus Attorney, clients get customized billing right to their inbox, and you get back time and money

Access Key Information to Manage Customer Accounts
What’s the best accounting software for small law firms? Among accountants, QuickBooks is a popular choice for general ledger and accounting, and it’s scalable as your practice grows. That’s why Amicus Billing links your case management solutions with QuickBooks for dynamic information sharing. Keeping your accountant happy is a top priority, after all.

Streamline operations with the Client Portal
For clients, transparency is everything. Your clients want to feel more connected and in control of their legal work. With the Amicus Client Portal, you can easily share information electronically with clients. Matters stay secure and accessible, and you strengthen client trust and communication.

Access your data from anywhere with the Mobile App
Your practice doesn’t stop when you leave the office. Research, depositions—you name it—you complete some of your most important tasks on the go. The Amicus Attorney mobile app gives you easy access to your files, clients, phone calls, time entries, and notes, while capturing every billable moment. This vital tool is available now in the Google Play and Apple app stores.

Drive efficiency and raise your profits while growing your practice

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Billable hours that slipped by each week


Additional funds you’ll make weekly

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Amicus integrates with your trusted business applications

Amicus Attorney integrations

Flexible deployment options to work the way you want

Private Cloud


Future-proof your firm with Amicus Attorney in a purpose-built Private Cloud

Get anywhere, anytime access with a fully managed private cloud virtual desktop solution running Amicus Attorney and your other trusted business applications like QuickBooks, for increased mobility, security, reliability, and control.

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… or deploy Amicus on your own local server for on-site use.

If you still need to have a local server in your office, on-premise self-hosted deployment for Amicus Attorney is the option for you.