Amicus Attorney Technical Resource Guides/Updates

Technical Resource Guides provide additional technical information on specific Amicus products.

You will find guides on subjects such as installation, system requirements, linking to third-party software applications and more. Select a product below for a complete list of available product guides.

Updates provide information and installation instructions on available product updates.

Amicus Attorney 20


Hardware & Software System Requirements


Install Guide (Basic) If first time user, or if upgrading from Small Firm

Install Guide (Upgrade from an older version)

Moving Components of an Amicus Attorney Installation

Small Firm Conversion Guide

Small Firm Consistency Checker

Licensing Amicus


Amicus Anywhere

Amicus TimeTracker

Merge Variables

Reports List

Using SQL Reporting Services with Amicus

Database Backup & Restore

Outlook/Exchange E-mail Link

Outlook/Exchange Contacts & Calendar Link

Timeslips Link

PCLaw Link


Worldox Link

Dropbox Link


We understand the importance of Amicus to your practice.

We are alert to feedback from our customers including suggestions, tweaks for smoother workflows, and fixes to issues, some of which are required to keep Amicus third party integrations running smoothly when those other products change.  We periodically issue Updates.

Notifications are automatically sent to designated Amicus Administrators at your firm, with instructions and details as to content.

For information about downloading and applying the latest Update, see the Getting Started > Updating Amicus Attorney topic in the Administrator Help, available from the Help Center in Amicus.