Automatically customize Amicus Attorney to your firm’s practice area with a new update introducing Practice Area Essentials

October 20, 2020

With this latest Amicus Attorney release, we are excited to announce the introduction of Practice Essentials to automatically customize Amicus Attorney for your firm’s area(s) of practice. Version 20.6 facilitates managing cases with tailored workflow automation and tools to optimize daily operations.

This release also includes a new version of the Amicus Mobile app, new document encryption technologies, and making it even easier to start using APX for secure credit card and ACH payment processing.

Exciting new upgrades in version 20.6

Here’s a quick look at the exciting upgrades this version has to offer:

Practice Essentials

The Practice Essentials allow you to apply preset customizations for your practice that make Amicus Attorney even easier to use from day one.

Amicus Mobile App access expanded

The Amicus Attorney Mobile App (for iOS and Android) has been completely rebuilt to provide a better all-around user experience.

Designed for those on the go, the new version of Amicus Attorney mobile app is now available to anyone with an Amicus Anywhere account. The mobile app provides the convenience and freedom to use Amicus Attorney when you are on the move and away from your computer, even offline, making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Document Encryption

Amicus Attorney 20.6 now includes new options to store your documents even more securely with bank-grade encryption. Amicus Attorney handles the encryption/decryption of all documents as you use the system. Each new document added to the system is automatically encrypted for total security.

Easier to sign up for APX

Firms are looking for ways to help their clients, and it is easier to sign up for APX (Abacus Payment Exchange) with the addition of a Get Paid Faster – Accept Credit Cards link in Amicus Attorney.

Other New Features:

Security: Amicus Managed Document Encryption

Mobility: iOS and Android app v2, the includes calendar view, add contact, Note, Time entry, and offline access

APX visibility: In app link to sign-up

Performance: SQL 2019 optimization

How to install Amicus Attorney 20.6

Firms currently using the most recent version of Amicus Attorney will be upgraded through the new automatic update utility to push updates to all workstations. Firms using Amicus Attorney 20.3 or earlier will update the server followed by each workstation in a familiar process. Clients in need of assistance can submit a support ticket in the Customer Account Portal, or use the support live chat feature—at the bottom right of the Customer Account Portal when logged in.

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