AbacusLaw Reviewed: How Dashboards Are Improving Legal Practice Management for the Modern Era

October 15, 2020  |  AbacusLaw

AbacusLaw was recently reviewed by the folks over at Attorney at Work, who called us a “harbinger of the future of legal software.” If you’re looking to overhaul your legal practice management to meet the demands of the modern era, AbacusLaw is the ideal place to start.

Meet the New AbacusLaw

If you haven’t seen AbacusLaw in a while, you might have missed out on some improvements. The Attorney at Work reviewers took notice of the new user interface changes, noting in particular that they make the software easier to use by making frequently used tools easier to find and the whole system easier to navigate, allowing you to access important data with a few clicks.

Simply put, the new AbacusLaw is a timesaver for attorneys. But don’t worry – we kept all the good parts of the old system. As the review notes, “even with all the future-focused UI changes to AbacusLaw, all of the things users love about Abacus remain: those standard operating procedures, workflows and calendaring rules, among others.”

Dashboards to the Rescue

Here at AbacusLaw, we’ve invested a great deal of time in getting our dashboards just right, and the efforts have paid off. The reviewers at Attorneys at Work have taken notice, and we hope you will, too.

Current legal practice revolves around data – mountains of it. The challenge is finding a way to manage, analyze, and glean insights from it all in order to benefit your firm. As the review recognizes, law firms in particular struggle with data, since they operate under an increased layer of regulation and ethical rules, and too many solutions fail to paint the clear picture that firms need.

Law practice management software is designed to bring all the firm’s information into one centralized place, but that’s only the first step. In the words of the reviewers, this is just “a ton of information” that isn’t helpful unless you can visualize datasets and convert that information into meaningful business decisions.

That’s where AbacusLaw’s dashboards come in. Dashboards “consolidate data in a meaningful way,” and AbacusLaw offers several of them. The review praises several features of our dashboards, including the ability to fully customize them, select from default dashboards, create your own dashboards, have them appear where you want them to be, and tweak everything from their size to their color. With AbacusLaw, the data you most care about is what you see, front and center and looking the way you want it to look.

Most importantly, the review notes, AbacusLaw relays financial data in a way that even numbers-averse lawyers can understand:

“Because AbacusLaw offers a full accounting suite — which not every case management system does, by the way — users can gain deep insights into financial data that just isn’t available anywhere else. The new AbacusLaw comes with an Accounting Overview feature that’s new to this release. Dashboards let you take a peek at WIP, payments and aged accounts receivable. You can view your own data, or firmwide data. Managers can compare timekeepers’ performance. Users can calculate utilization rate, realization rate and collection rate. In addition to providing a next level business management suite, AbacusLaw represents a financial management tour de force.”

Any law firm that wants to succeed in the face of the novel challenges that continue to arise in 2020 needs to rely on the most cutting-edge technology, including a combination of legal practice management and dashboards. AbacusLaw offers all the tools you need in one convenient package.

You can read the Attorney at Work’s full review of AbacusLaw here.

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