Abacus Data Systems Helps Legal Firms Prevail Over Cryptolocker After Targeted Attacks

October 21, 2016  |  Abacus Private Cloud, Press Release

Industry Leading Virtual Cloud Keeps Businesses Running During Attacks

SAN DIEGO, CA, March 31, 2016 – Ransomware attacks have seen exponential growth in the last year, taking captive millions of victims from small to large businesses in the legal, finance, and healthcare industries. Encrypting malware such as Cryptolocker is a type of ransomware virus, so called because it encrypts files, subsequently prompting users for payment before releasing decryption keys. If the user does not succumb, the files cannot be decrypted and thus rendered useless.

Abacus Data Systems (Abacus), a global provider of compliance ready virtual Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offerings, which serve legal, financial, and healthcare organizations, has seamlessly designed and engineered Abacus Private Cloud to safeguard companies against cyber threats. Abacus Private Cloud’s infrastructure offers multi-tiered security including physical and virtual access layers, intrusion detection, and enterprise class firewalls, all of which are monitored 24/7 and designed to catch unauthorized intrusion attempts and anomalous activity in the network.

Abacus Private Cloud recently saved companies from severe data loss resulting from the Cryptolocker virus. The fully managed DaaS solution operates with data privacy protocols in accordance with NIST standards in geographically redundant, SSAE 16-compliant, SOC 1-, 2- data centers. Through Abacus Private Cloud’s inherent disaster recovery solutions, the Abacus Total Care Team addressed the attacks and recovered confidential and irreplaceable case and client data with no firm downtime.

More recently, hackers breached computer networks of multiple prestigious U.S. law firms, which represent Wall Street banks and Fortune 500 companies, to obtain confidential information for insider trading.

“The security threat to businesses is real. In fact, these hackers threatened more attacks in online posts, and every firm or company needs to take steps to protect their environment,” said Tomas Suros, Chief Solutions Architect for Abacus Data Systems. “Moving to a secure, fully managed private cloud with multiple layers of access security has become a necessary step towards achieving a secure IT infrastructure.”

About Abacus Data Systems

Abacus Data Systems is a leading provider of business technology products and solutions, serving small enterprise companies worldwide. Abacus gives companies sustainable and predictable performance gains while decreasing operational costs related to managing complex IT infrastructure and data center operations on their own.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, and backed by private investment with Providence Equity, Abacus operates three fully redundant data center footprints in the United States specifically engineered to host and safeguard sensitive data, giving its clients robust security and compliance policies with zero capital investment and complete data ownership in a flexible and dynamic environment. The integrated Abacus family includes Abacus Private Cloud™, AbacusLaw™ and Amicus Attorney™, providing technology solutions to over 500,000 clients worldwide.

About Providence Equity

Providence is a premier global asset management firm with $45 billion in assets under management across complementary private equity and credit businesses. Providence pioneered a sector-focused approach to private equity investing with the vision that a dedicated team of industry experts could build exceptional companies of enduring value. Since the firm’s inception in 1989, Providence has invested in more than 150 companies and is the leading equity investment firm focused on the media, communications, education, and information industries. Providence is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, and also has offices in New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Delhi.


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