So how can you get more legal clients and retain your current ones? Differentiation is often the answer. You can achieve differentiation by placing your individual clients’ needs at the core of your firm’s priorities. That means developing new innovative strategies that keep your clients and their expectations first and foremost in your firm’s view. And, we’re here to give you a head start. Here are five ways you can champion a new era of client-centered legal services at your firm.

No. 1

Develop insights from your data to make more client-centered decisions

Legal data analytics enable you to make intelligent data-driven choices about issues such as which clients and matters to take on and how to allocate resources to serve them most effectively. Legal practice management software can collect and analyze data on firm, client, case, matter, department, and individual levels. Track and assess performance levels to understand which clients and types of cases are most profitable. Law firms that use legal analytics report that results help them:

Legal analytics and KPIs give you the numbers you need to demonstrate legal expertise to current and prospective clients. Track wins and lawyer performance levels. Determine cost-efficient staffing and resource allocations. And, develop the creative pricing structures, discounts, and alternative fee arrangements that clients ask for today, and assess their effects to improve future pricing strategies.

No. 2

Provide consistency in the delivery of legal services

One way to become a client-centered law firm is to ensure you deliver consistent service — from the first contact with each client to each matter’s conclusion. By managing client and case information in a single, digital platform, you ensure everyone in the firm works with the same information. All communications are easily accessible, allowing them to view client and case information as needed, providing full visibility to answer inquiries more effectively and build upon existing relationships. Your lawyers and staff can deliver more consistent client services by:

  • Creating customized templates and intake workflows in each practice area for a consistent start in each new matter.
  • Utilizing repeatable workflows that use automation to ensure client preferences and best practices are followed at every step.
  • Setting custom automated alerts that notify the appropriate individuals when they need to perform an action throughout every matter’s lifecycle.

The overall result is an increased ability to deliver seamless legal services catered to individual client needs and preferences.

No. 3

Ease business development efforts and attract repeat business

Getting more business for your law firm doesn’t always mean new business. Referrals and repeat customers are more valuable than ever. Business development has always presented unique challenges for lawyers. But for 77% of lawyers, business development is even more difficult in a virtual world.

You may be surprised to hear that practice management software can support the work of business development and assist in attracting repeat business. Understanding the unique relationships formed with your clients and their needs enables your firm to better assess patterns for more informed decisions and more accurate projections based on current client information. Law firm management software maintains the most accurate and up-to-date contact information, case and matter details, and other relevant data, enabling the firm to optimize the interactions with its clients.


No. 4

Achieve business continuity

Ensuring lawyers and staff have the digital communication tools and collaborative software features to work remotely is critical for achieving business continuity. To provide uninterrupted services no matter what happens, your firm must offer the right technology to support remote work and ensure your clients’ private data remains secure. Make sure your software vendors have a plan to assess your risk, mitigate threats, and support your data retention policy. Your technology vendors must continue to deliver high-quality, uninterrupted services even in the midst of a disruptive event to enable your firm to do the same for your clients.

No. 5

Build a collaborative client portal

A 2020 legal market report found that clients now expect lawyers and law firms to work more collaboratively with them as well as with other service providers, including non-law firms. A client portal provides a secure online location for more effective collaboration. Clients can easily log in 24/7 for status checks and calendar updates, accessing their legal work anytime they need.

A portal is your firm’s personal connection point offering untethered access with clients while providing lawyers with complete control of what information the client may access and the ability to answer inquiries and build upon existing relationships.

Become a more client-centered law firm now

It starts by creating a client-centered culture

Clients want to partner with law firms that provide predictable, cost-effective, and satisfying services. Implementing these strategies will enable a client-centered culture and promote consistency in the long-term management of clients. With practice-specific firm management software such as AbacusLaw in place, your lawyers can continue to provide high-quality, reliable legal services no matter what the future brings.

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