The Law Offices of McCready, Garcia & Leet, P.C. was founded in 1999 and rapidly became one of the Chicagoland areas premier plaintiff’s personal injury and Workers’ Compensation trial firms. The lawyers at The Law Offices of McCready, Garcia & Leet, P.C. pride themselves on protecting the rights of their clients and working tirelessly to bring them justice. Their reputation for vigorous advocacy continues to bring in new clients seeking fair and just representation.

“I tell everyone I know they should be in a private cloud. The security is there – it’s a non-issue. The connectivity is there. The flexibility and collaboration is there. There’s really no reason not to make the move.”

Michael McCready, McCready Law

The Challenge

Growing Practice Needs Scalable Practice Management Solution

When Michael McCready first began practicing law, he was a solo attorney doing everything on his own. Now with a growing firm, increasing caseload and an internal server quickly reaching the end of its lifespan, McCready, Garcia & Leet had a decision to make – purchase another server and continue to pay for outsourced IT help, or migrate to the cloud and eliminate the capital expense, IT headaches and gain the mobility and flexibility needed for an expanding firm.

“At the beginning of my career, when I didn’t have many cases, I was able to keep everything in my head – clients, dates, facts and other relevant information. But as my practice grew, so did the amount of information and it quickly became too much for me to handle on my own. I hired a secretary to help, but she quickly became overwhelmed as well.”

The firm migrated to a less robust hosting provider, but was still running in to issues. Having used AbacusLaw legal practice management software successfully for over a decade, as soon as Abacus announced the Abacus Private Cloud platform with US-based data centers, the firm was immediately ready to make the switch.

The Solution

Flexibility and Customization with Anywhere, Anytime Connectivity

After researching numerous case management, time, billing and accounting platforms, Michael had decided on AbacusLaw for the flexibility and customization it offered. Now with AbacusLaw able to run inside a purpose-built private cloud virtual desktop environment, the choice was simple.

“For an office with multiple attorneys, the ultimate flexibility is having the ability to connect remotely, from anywhere, with any device. Abacus Private Cloud offers the same levels of service and reliability I have come to expect from Abacus.”

The Result

The firm immediately noticed a difference working within Abacus Private Cloud

The firm is now fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and has direct access to other key applications including Adobe Acrobat Professional, QuickBooks and AbacusLaw. Additionally, with all IT support and maintenance included, IT headaches (and outsourced fees) have disappeared. The entire environment is faster, more responsive and offers a more seamless working experience.

“I really believe in the company. The service and support we’ve received over the years from Abacus has been fantastic.”

Abacus Private Cloud recently enabled one of the partners to move from Chicago to Florida and not miss a beat. With Abacus Private Cloud, all attorneys and staff members are fully connected, wherever they are.

“It doesn’t matter if someone is in the same building, at home or anywhere in the country. With Abacus Private Cloud, it’s as if we’re all sitting next to each other in the same room. We have become so reliant on Abacus Private Cloud that I can’t imagine practicing any other way!”