AI and Law Firms Are a Great Combination

Law firms are known for being steeped in tradition and slow to adapt when it comes to modernizing.

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Should Your Different Practice Areas Use Other Technologies?

Integrated legal practice management (PM) help today’s multi-practice law firms leverage digital transformation efforts to the best effect...

Part 2: The Advantages of Remote Work — Keeping Families Together

We recently interviewed Family law attorney Bob Noone about his experiences in managing a multistate adoption and child protection firm...

How are Other Law Firms Handling Their Digital Transformations?

Find out how 366 law firms across the U.S. have adapted to a more digital world using legal technology.

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Part 1: Automating Your Family Practice: One Firm’s Journey

Solo family law practitioner Bob Noone recently shared his experiences with technology over his 37+ years in practice...

5 Ways Software for Divorce Attorneys Can Help Small Family Law Firms

Divorce software capabilities include case management, workflow and document automation, billing, and visibility into firm productivity...

Leveraging Legal Video Conferencing Tools in Family Law Firms

Many family law firms are moving toward virtualization and legal video conferencing is essential to running a successful remote firm...

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