AI and Law Firms Are a Great Combination

Law firms are known for being steeped in tradition and slow to adapt when it comes to modernizing.

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Give Your Firm the Advantages of Document Automation

Legal documents have been called the lifeblood of any law firm, and they are...

The Name of the Game in Real Estate Law is Change

Thriving in real estate law means staying on top of industry changes and leveraging practice management tools to oversee firm activities...

How are Other Law Firms Handling Their Digital Transformations?

Find out how 366 law firms across the U.S. have adapted to a more digital world using legal technology.

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Which tasks should your law firm automate first?

The high-level benefits of automation are significant: you’re able to reduce or remove the burden of repetitive tasks on your staff while at the same time reducing the potential for errors and mitigating compliance risks...

Legal Document Assembly Software Stops Low-Skill Tasks from Limiting Your Firm

Legal document assembly software helps firms automate everything from intake to invoice — and gives your firm the best opportunity to thrive...

Creating the Perfect Case Starts with the Client Intake Process

Automating the legal client intake process —  everything from onboarding to invoice — gives your firm the best opportunity to thrive...

Client-focused Innovation is Your Law Firm’s Path to Growth

Getting the most out of your law firm data analytics is easier than you think...

I Love Drafting Legal Documents (said nobody, ever) – How Legal Document Automation Can Help Your Firm

Are attorneys and paralegals at your firm are still using a manual document creation process?..

Document Automation by the Numbers

Embarking on a digital transformation effort for your firm?..

Amicus Attorney update makes remote collaboration easier than ever

The latest release of Amicus Attorney makes virtual collaboration easier than ever—a potential lifesaver for firms transitioning to a remote work environment...

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