Should Your Firm Be in the Cloud?

Cloud usage is on the rise amongst legal and accounting firms.

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How your firm can benefit from automating A/R

You might hesitate to make major changes at your firm for any number of reasons...

Improve Your Law Firm’s Cash Flow in 2022

Running a law firm is no small task...

Improving Your Law Firm Payment Processing

How automated is your law office payment processing?..

5 Reasons to move to APX automated payments

As consumers we buy online, bank online, grab an Uber, and transfer our share of the dinner bill to our friend’s account, using Venmo, Apple Pay, or another digital payment app...

How Can Reducing Non-Billable Hours Make Good Legal Firms Better?

If your firm is willing to adopt new technology and upgrade automation tools, you will save time, reduce errors, and improve the firm's bottom line...

A Modern Guide to Effective Law Firm Management

Thanks to improvements in communications and legal technology, effectively managing your law office doesn’t have to take all of your time..

Should SMB Client Needs Be Driving Your Technology Decisions?

As a law firm representing SMB clients, learn how to adjust your business model and service offerings to address their particular needs...

Amicus Attorney update makes remote collaboration easier than ever

The latest release of Amicus Attorney makes virtual collaboration easier than ever—a potential lifesaver for firms transitioning to a remote work environment...

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