Should Your Firm Be in the Cloud?

Cloud usage is on the rise amongst legal and accounting firms.

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Why Role-Based Dashboards Are Essential to Law Firm Management

Role-specific dashboards offer you better access to critical data points to help you make the best decisions for everyone at your law firm...

5 Reasons to move to APX automated payments

As consumers we buy online, bank online, grab an Uber, and transfer our share of the dinner bill to our friend’s account, using Venmo, Apple Pay, or another digital payment app...

Should SMB Client Needs Be Driving Your Technology Decisions?

As a law firm representing SMB clients, learn how to adjust your business model and service offerings to address their particular needs...

Don’t Sweat the Robot Revolution: Why Lawyers Shouldn’t Feel Threatened by AI

Whether or not your own firm has invested in these kinds of new technology, you might start to wonder: Are these warning signs of what’s to come for the legal profession? ..

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