Real estate law software enables you to focus on advising, guiding, and protecting your clients’ interests.

From client consultation to title research, from property inspections to appraisals, you are compelled to represent your clients in every step of a real estate transaction. Regardless of whether you represent the buyer or seller, the lessor or lessee, Guarantor or lender, it is important that your real estate law practice management solution be tailored to solve your unique challenges.

Amicus Attorney real estate software allows you to basically double your productivity.

You ensure your Clients’ interests are protected and
risk is minimized

Real Estate cases require meticulous research and information gathering and the accuracy of documents you draft is paramount. Using a patchwork of different tools each designed for a specific function is not only costly and overly complex, it’s ineffective and wastes your precious time.

Real estate law software automates your transactional workflows

Many generic case management systems don’t track real property descriptions, escrow details, or incoming title records – they just can’t connect the dots. A better real estate law practice management solution is designed to manage real estate tasks and automate document review and drafting – freeing your time to advise clients on legal risk and compliance safeguards.

Thousands of real estate attorneys are going the extra mile for their clients by saving time with a purpose-built practice suite that automates tasks, simplifies follow-up, and reduces clerical and administrative tasks.

The capabilities of the AbacusNext Real Estate Software Suite are purposefully- designed to help lawyers:

Calendar icon.

Wrangle the day

Full control of your calendar is key. New issues arise often and without warning, so quickly being able to reprioritize tasks and nimbly manage your schedule is a necessity. Real Estate workflows make scheduling, preparing, and executing your property transaction procedures a breeze.

Clock Icon.

Master time management

Utilizing automation to decrease time spent double checking manual workflows frees up time to exceed clients’ expectations with less worry. Having case information at your fingertips means your legal expertise is engaged more often than your administrative acumen.

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Maximize return

Systems that make tracking your activities easy are critical to success. Carefully manage information, generate documents automatically, and close real estate transactions smoothly while maintaining complete control.

Real Estate transactions vary and can change quickly

Abacus Real Estate Software Suite is tailored for real estate attorneys who know that myriad details can hinder a successful property sale or lease. Knowing the questions to ask, the documents to draft, and the best negotiation strategy to execute are all part of your process. Should filing in court becomes necessary, Abacus Court Rules (ACR) are at hand, ready to automatically schedule State and County court procedures.

Been with them for almost 10 years and each version gets better and better

Consolidated icon.

Keep each client’s details, ownership status, property description, and demographic profile organized, current, and consolidated in one place

Rocket icon.

Use process automation to reduce the time and effort often associated with collecting title particulars, regulations, approvals, conveyance history, and more while organizing team responsibilities, and tracking consequential tasks with helpful reminders and deadline alerts

Document signing icon.

Automatically generate letters, information requests, contracts, lease agreements, and even court filings without ever retyping the same information

Gears icon.

Accurately capture application fees, courier charges, document production, and other expenses on a file — ready to generate an invoice and accept credit card and ACH payments that your clients prefer

It also makes common practice management activities a cinch, by supporting easy to use:

Case intake screens capture well-organized client information and set in motion workflows for paralegals and support staff to prepare accurate legal forms and precise follow-up events. Case status, chronology, deadline, and alert reports enable you to support each case’s upcoming activities.

Update your schedule and make your case calendar visible to your client and anyone on your team. When unexpected situations make changes inevitable, AbacusLaw makes it easy to alert any impacted parties and proceed accordingly. The Microsoft Outlook integration puts powerful organizational tools at your fingertips, enabling efficient client communications.

Intuitive and accurate billing as you go, including trust accounting capabilities, which are essential to creating accurate invoices, streamline your pre-bill review, and avoid recreating time entries. Automatically generate professional, templated invoices for any fee arrangement or billing schedule and enable epayments to shorten the collections cycle.

What’s included with the
AbacusNext Real Estate Software Suite

Able to be used on premise, inside Abacus Private Cloud, or in Abacus Core Cloud, our real estate law firm software includes access to:

Practice Management Features

  • Case intake
  • Conflicts check
  • Calendar with task workflows
  • Document and email management
  • Document generation
  • Client portal
  • Ethical wall and role based access
  • Time tracking and billing
  • Complete law firm accounting
  • Productivity and financial reports

AbacusNext Software

  • AbacusLaw
  • AbacusLaw Accounting
  • AbacusLaw Mobile App
  • APX – Electronic payment processing
  • HotDocs Integration

Real Estate Essentials

  • Real Estate Case Intake
  • Real Estate Case Workflow Rules
  • Real Estate Contact Screens
  • Real Estate Matter Screens
  • Real Estate Trust Accounting
  • Real Estate Document Templates
  • Real Estate Productivity Reports

AbacusNext Court Rules

Abacus Court Rules (ACR) provide automated court procedural rules synced with your calendar. Continuously updated with Federal, State, and Local Rules, ACR ensures that you are focused on tasks and aware of deadlines throughout the case lifecycle.

Learn More

Court Forms

Automatically populate court forms for all 50 States and Federal Courts and Ontario, Canada.

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Suite Content

  • Microsoft O365 E3
  • Advanced threat protection (O365)
  • Email backup
  • Live US based support
  • Product onboarding and training
  • Quick start data migration
  • 24/7 support (available)
  • Premium support (available)
  • Abacus Private Cloud
  • DocuSign integration
  • CaseStatus integration
  • Salesforce integration
  • Nextiva integration

Our Real Estate Suite provides 8 intake forms, 7 rules, 7 reports, and 8 fillable forms, as well as screens specifically designed to manage real estate lease and real estate sale cases.

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Why attorneys trust Amicus Attorney for real estate case management

Working with AbacusLaw, the benefits are phenomenal. The access is very easy. The client inventory is very easy.

Joe Povelaitis, Paralegal

The way AbacusLaw gathers and keeps all the information through the matters system, whether its setting events, doing conflict checks, being able to have a team of people work on the same case, and keep everything in one place, it is so time saving and makes my job so much easier…I love AbacusLaw!

Assly Sayyar, Attorney at Law

“Over the years we have been able to streamline our operation, and clients understand that we can handle large volumes of cases in a cost effective manner, while continuing to produce high quality work.”

Peter C. Merani,
Law Offices of Peter C. Merani, P.C.

“Overall, Amicus has helped increase the firm’s overall stability, as firm members are taking advantage of the many features and resources available to them.”

Kabb Law Firm

“We do everything in Amicus. We go into the notes and know what is happening. We just have to click to generate a document. We don’t have to do anything; everything is there at the tips of our fingers.”

Danay Acevedo,
Miami Legal Group