We built a Family Law package for attorneys who serve families of all shapes and sizes – because love always wins

Being the best family law attorney means balancing the emotional demands of clients, while practicing law, running a business, and growing your firm. The Family Law practice management software add-on “PALS” (Practice Area Legal Solution) for AbacusLaw, the all-in-one practice management & accounting solution, facilitates your needs, creates time, and simplifies the flow of a case for you and your clients.

“The way AbacusLaw gathers and keeps all the information through the matters system, whether its setting events, doing conflict checks, being able to have a team of people work on the same case, and keep everything in one place, it is so time saving and makes my job so much easier… I love AbacusLaw!

Assly Sayyar, Attorney at Law

Future-proof your family law firm with AbacusLaw

Our legal calendar software delivers a friendly Microsoft Outlook-like experience and puts powerful organizational tools at your fingertips, enabling you to easily and efficiently collaborate with your entire staff to schedule appointments, track deadlines and mitigate the risk of a deadline falling through the cracks.

Automatically capture all time and bill your clients with simple single clicks from within AbacusLaw or the companion AbacusLaw Mobile App.

Case intake screens will set in motion cases with accurately entered legal forms, well organized client information and include the right follow-up events.

Case status, chronology, deadline and alert reports make sure the right people have support on upcoming activities that critical court documents get filed.

“Working with AbacusLaw, the benefits are phenomenal. The access is very easy. The client inventory is very easy.”

Joe Povelaitis, Paralegal

Activate specific Family Law features inside AbacusLaw

The Family Law PALS add-on includes 7 rules, 22 reports, 11 fillable legal forms and custom screens for Adoption, Custody, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Guardianship and Paternity specific cases, built on top of the other industry-leading features of AbacusLaw.

New Case Intake

  • Adoption Case
  • Custody Case
  • Divorce Case
  • Domestic Violence Case
  • Guardianship Case
  • Paternity Case

Case Types (“Matters”)

  • Adoption
  • Custody
  • Divorce Standard
  • Domestic Violence
  • Domestic Violence with Children
  • Guardianship of the Person
  • Paternity

Additional Contact Types

  • Attorney
  • Contact
  • Divorce Client + Work Address
  • Divorce Client
  • Expert Witness
  • Client (Single Screen)
  • Client
  • Judge
  • Police Officer

Rules-Based Calendaring

  • New Adoption Case
  • New Divorce Case
  • File Complaint for Divorce
  • File Petition for Adoption
  • File Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
  • Guardian ad Litem
  • Mandatory Settlement Conference

Additional Reports

  • Adoption Cases
  • Adoption Info by Attorney
  • All Adoption Info
  • All Custody Info All Divorce Info
  • All Domestic Violence Info
  • Custody Cases
  • Custody Info by Attorney
  • Divorce Cases by Attorney
  • Divorce Cases
  • Domestic Violence Cases
  • Domestic Violence Info by Attorney
  • Guardianship Info by Attorney
  • Guardianship Cases
  • Paternity Cases
  • Paternity Info by Attorney


  • PPK Fax Cover Sheet
  • Sample C Transmittal Letter
  • Sample Case Status Memo
  • Sample Depo Appt Letter
  • Depo Notice Letter
  • Sample Non Rep Letter
  • Sample Opposing Spouse Letter
  • Sample Referral Letter
  • SE Divorce Client Info Docs
  • SE Sample Intake Sheet
  • Sample MSA Cover Letter

“AbacusLaw is everything you need to manage your law practice in one convenient place! The technical support that comes with AbacusLaw is world class – you talk with a real person who cares about your problems and will work with you to fix any issues.”

Thomas J. Azar, Jr.,
Azar Law Offices

“Been with them for almost 10 years and each version gets better and better! AbacusLaw integrated the case management, “tickler” by rule, forms, contacts, matter, ACCOUNTING AND BILLING, all into a single easy to use and learn package. Changes in one area are iterated throughout the software. We almost never add disparate or duplicate data. Well Done!”

Martin Luther,
Schwartzberg & Luther, APC

“When I get a call from a client, in just one-click I can see everything about their case to immediately answer their questions. Even better, if I’m unavailable and my assistant answers the phone, she too can see their case file to provide instant gratification.”

Frank Vozza,
Vozza & Hugeuenot