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From initial pleadings through discovery and trial, as a civil litigation lawyer, you are compelled to protect your client’s investments, rights, and opportunities. Regardless of whether you represent the plaintiff or defendant, it is important that your litigation management software is tailored in a way that solves your unique challenges. Your firm needs a legal technology solution with built-in litigation attorney software that simplifies daily practice management and enables your team to focus on serving clients.

Abacus integrates all of my needs into one system.

Civil litigation cases are seldom black or white

No two cases are the same — you take on a broad range of civil disputes, representing various businesses and individuals in a myriad of lawsuits. Using a patchwork of different tools each designed for a specific function is not only costly and overly complex, but it is also ineffective and wastes your precious time.

Your legal practice technology should connect the dots

Many legal practice management systems are generic by design – they just don’t connect the dots. Your civil litigation management software should be tailored to managing all aspects of your litigation practice – freeing your time to advise clients and prepare strategy.

The capabilities of AbacusNext Civil Litigation Software Suite are purposefully-designed to help trial lawyers:

Thousands of attorneys are going the extra mile for their clients by saving time with purpose-built litigation software that automates tasks, simplifies follow-up, and reduces clerical and administrative tasks.

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Wrangle the day

Full control of your calendar is key. New issues arise daily and without warning, so quickly being able to reprioritize tasks is 
a necessity. Abacus Court Rules make scheduling, preparing, and executing your trial procedures a breeze.

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Master time management

Utilizing automation to decrease time spent double checking manual workflows frees up time to exceed clients’ expectations with less worry.

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Maximize return

Systems that make tracking your time easy are critical to success. Carefully manage the billing process and deliver invoices through email with electronic payments offering an easy and proactive response.

Your challenges are multi-faceted

AbacusNext Civil Litigation Software Suite is tailored for trial lawyers, including torts, wrongful death, employment law, medical malpractice, to name a few, and integrated with Abacus Court Rules (ACR) and Abacus Court Forms to automatically handle Federal, State and County court procedures.

The best thing about Abacus is the ability to customize any screen any way you want it.

Krysti M.

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Client intake software for civil litigation attorneys keeps each client’s information organized, current, and consolidated in a single case file

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Use court process automation to reduce the time and errors often associated with manual tasks, team-based responsibilities, consequential filing deadlines and helpful reminders

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Automatically generate court forms for your clients’ state without ever retyping the same information

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Accurately capture expenses on a file —tracking your time in the background regardless of activity

It also makes common litigation practice management activities a cinch, by supporting easy to use:

Case intake screens capture well-organized client information and set in motion workflows for paralegals and support staff to prepare accurate legal forms and precise follow-up events. Case status, chronology, deadline, and alert reports enable you to support each case’s upcoming activities.

Update your schedule and make your case calendar visible to your client and anyone on your team. When unexpected situations make changes inevitable, our civil litigation software makes it easy to alert any impacted parties and proceed accordingly. The Microsoft Outlook integration puts powerful organizational tools at your fingertips, enabling efficient client communications.

Intuitive and accurate billing as you go, including trust accounting capabilities, which are essential to creating accurate invoices, streamline your pre-bill review, and avoid recreating time entries. Automatically generate professional, templated invoices for any fee arrangement or billing schedule and enable epayments to shorten the collections cycle.

What’s included with the
AbacusNext Civil Litigation Software Suite

Able to be used on premise, inside Abacus Private Cloud, or in Abacus Core Cloud, our litigation software for attorneys includes access to:

Practice Management Features

  • Case intake
  • Conflicts check
  • Calendar with task workflows
  • Document and email management
  • Document generation
  • Client portal
  • Ethical wall and role based access
  • Time tracking and billing
  • Complete law firm accounting
  • Productivity and financial reports

AbacusNext Software

  • AbacusLaw
  • AbacusLaw Accounting
  • AbacusLaw Mobile App
  • APX – Electronic payment processing
  • HotDocs Integration

Civil Litigation Essentials

  • Civil Litigation Case Intake
  • Civil Litigation Case Workflow Rules
  • Civil Litigation Contact Screens
  • Civil Litigation Matter Screens
  • Civil Litigation Trust Accounting
  • Civil Litigation Document Templates
  • Civil Litigation Productivity Reports

AbacusNext Court Rules

Abacus Court Rules (ACR) provide automated court procedural rules synced with your calendar. Continuously updated with Federal, State, and Local Rules, ACR ensures that you are focused on tasks and aware of deadlines throughout the case lifecycle.

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Court Forms

Automatically populate court forms for all 50 States and Federal Courts and Ontario, Canada.

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Suite Content

  • Microsoft O365 E3
  • Advanced threat protection (O365)
  • Email backup
  • Live US based support
  • Product onboarding and training
  • Quick start data migration
  • 24/7 support (available)
  • Premium support (available)
  • Abacus Private Cloud
  • DocuSign integration
  • CaseStatus integration
  • Salesforce integration
  • Nextiva integration

Our Civil Litigation Software Suite provides 7 intake forms, 6 rules, 4 reports, and 5 fillable forms, as well as custom screens specifically designed to help attorneys manage civil litigation cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Civil litigation software, like AbacusLaw, is customized legal practice management software that helps litigation attorneys manage their firm. It should include specific features, like custom forms and templates for cases involving monetary damages, contract claims, debt settlement, torts, wrongful death, employment law, medical malpractices, and more.

Civil litigation software usually comes as part of a legal practice management system. It acts as a single source of truth for litigation firms who are managing a variety of case types. It’s capable of running almost every aspect of your firm, including but not limited to: case and client management, court procedure and deadline tracking, remote work enablement, repetitive task automation, internal and external communication, team collaboration, reporting, time and billing logistics, and accounting.

As a litigation attorney you’re often switching between managing a wide variety of private client cases and business disputes. AbacusLaw civil litigation software simplifies how you manage your firm, giving you back the time you need to develop client strategy.

Yes! Our legal practice management software is completely customized for litigation attorneys but is not limited to cases of that type. It can also help you manage the following practice areas:

  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Real Estate Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal Injury
  • Immigration Law
  • Employment Law

Why attorneys trust AbacusLaw civil litigation management software

Working with AbacusLaw, the benefits are phenomenal. The access is very easy. The client inventory is very easy.

Joe Povelaitis, Paralegal

The way AbacusLaw gathers and keeps all the information through the matters system, whether its setting events, doing conflict checks, being able to have a team of people work on the same case, and keep everything in one place, it is so time saving and makes my job so much easier…I love AbacusLaw!

Assly Sayyar, Attorney at Law

“AbacusLaw is everything you need to manage your law practice in one convenient place! The technical support that comes with AbacusLaw is world class – you talk with a real person who cares about your problems and will work with you to fix any issues.”

Thomas J. Azar, Jr.,
Azar Law Offices

“Been with them for almost 10 years and each version gets better and better! AbacusLaw integrated the case management, “tickler” by rule, forms, contacts, matter, ACCOUNTING AND BILLING, all into a single easy to use and learn package. Changes in one area are iterated throughout the software. We almost never add disparate or duplicate data. Well Done!”

Martin Luther,
Schwartzberg & Luther, APC

“When I get a call from a client, in just one-click I can see everything about their case to immediately answer their questions. Even better, if I’m unavailable and my assistant answers the phone, she too can see their case file to provide instant gratification.”

Frank Vozza,
Vozza & Hugeuenot