Which cloud is the right cloud for you?

“The cloud has obtained a magical, genie-like reputation for solving all of our business problems. Unfortunately, three wishes are not enough.”

When it comes to managing our day to day operational and financial transactions, the cloud alone is not enough. The problems are many. Few solution providers have delivered a true cloud version of our mission critical software. In this White Paper, learn about the different types of “cloud”, and see which might be the right fit for you.

Geni Whitehouse

By: Geni Whitehouse, CPA, CITP, CSPM

Geni divides her time between working as a winery consultant at Brotemarkle, Davis & Co in the Napa Valley and writing, speaking, and tweeting about what some might consider nerdy subjects. She is a co-founder of Solve Services, which provides remote bookkeeping services to companies in the wine industry. As a former partner in a CPA firm, two-time software company executive, and recent CMO of a tech startup, she has a passion for applying technology to solving business problems. She has been named a Top 100 Influencer by Accounting Today, one of 25 Thought Leaders in Accounting, and one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Accounting by CPA Practice Advisor.

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