How specifically does your legal technology meet your firm’s needs?

With a plethora of options available, law firms can and should be about finding practice management software tailored to their firms. Selecting generic practice management software should not be the default operating principle.

Our Practice Area Suites are a unique alternative to the integration model.

These practice-specific suites offer pre-configured product packages for specific areas of law, including:

  1. Case management: Keep each client’s information organized, current, and consolidated in a single case file.
  2. Automation rules: Use court process automation to reduce the time and errors often associated with manual tasks, team-based responsibilities, consequential filing deadlines and helpful reminders.
  3. Reporting: Turn insight into action with access to operational and client data and analytics.
  4. Document management: Automatically generate court forms for your clients’ state without ever retyping the same information

This product review highlights the importance of practice-specific legal solutions to manage the unique needs of your law firm. Now, that’s legal technology built with purpose.

Learn how in, “The New Abacus Practice Area Suites Deliver a Totally Unique Law Firm Experience.”

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