Whether you’re just graduating from law school or have been working in a firm for years, starting your own law firm can seem like a daunting task.

From business plans to practice areas, choosing a law firm name and setting your fees, there are many pieces that must be in place before you can officially open your doors to clients.

Two of the major decisions (and often the biggest challenges) that new firms face surround technology and budgets. What will you need for your office? Do you want to work from home or lease a space? What hardware and software will best support your new firm? Who will manage the IT? And most importantly, how will you pay for everything with a limited capital budget?

For cost-savings, mobility and flexibility, many start-ups are leveraging the cloud for virtual offices which allow them to work from anywhere, target clients in multiple geographies and often eliminate up-front capital expenses for servers and other hardware. But beware: not all cloud service providers are created equal. When evaluating potential vendors, be sure to take into consideration:

  • Up-front capital investments
  • IT management and support
  • Data ownership
  • Location of data centers
  • Disaster recovery & business continuity
  • Uptime guarantee

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