Anatomy of a Ransomware AttackRansomware attacks have risen exponentially each year with Malwarebytes reporting a 235 percent increase in the first quarter of 2019. This is sobering news, especially since ransomware and other types of malware are often delivered via “phishing” attacks.

Law firms and legal departments are ripe targets for ransomware attacks because of the confidential information they deal with on a daily basis, from intellectual property to personal health information

Yet only 8.4% of attorneys in a recent survey named cybersecurity risks as a top concern.

This updated white paper explores the following:

  • Who is at risk
  • What exactly happens in an attack
  • The history of ransomware
  • Preventative solutions to consider

Learn what happens in ransomware attacks, why your firm is a prime target, and what preventative solutions you can put in place to protect your clients and your business.

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