Quite simply, AbacusLaw can help you build a better practice. 

Legal practice management software helps you efficiently collect, organize and manage information. Attorneys and staff use practice management software to better manage cases, projects and client relationships. The result is better outcomes and more satisfied clients.

The 2022 edition of the widely read Practice Management Buyer’s Guide is available. The guide profiles AbacusLaw as customizable and flexible end-to-end practice management. Thousands of law firms, as well as practice management technology experts, recognize the value that AbacusLaw contributes to building a better practice. 

4 reasons to pick AbacusLaw for your firm

The guide outlines four key reasons to choose AbacusLaw:

  1. A complete practice management system, with integrated front- and back-office functionality. Integration keeps essential information about clients, projects, deadlines, billing and payments at your fingertips, for more productive interactions with clients and staff.
  2. Easy tailoring to fit your firm’s practice areas. Whether you practice in litigation, estate planning, real estate law, personal injury or other specialties, AbacusLaw offers customizable reports, input screens, automation rules, documents, input forms and specific terminology for your area of expertise. For example, the Family Law Suite provides five intake form, seven rules, 22 reports, and 11 fillable forms, as well as screens specifically designed to manage adoption, custody, divorce, domestic violence, guardianship and paternity cases to give you back the time you need to stay focused on what matters – advocating for your client.
  3. Flexible deployment options! Choose to implement AbacusLaw to align with your technology strategy, work locations and needs for remote or mobile access. AbacusLaw can be installed on-premises on your own network or hosted in the Abacus Private Cloud.
  4. Automation to help you do more, faster. At the end of the day, your strategic advantage is your firm’s carefully constructed workflows that form the foundation of effective client support and case management. For each workflow process, such as client onboarding, case creation, time capture or billing and payment processing, AbacusLaw allows you to capture, share and utilize information in the most efficient way. Take efficiency even further with HotDocs document automation. The latest version of HotDocs Advance integrates with AbacusLaw legal practice management software, providing firms with the ability to automatically assemble error-free documents using the client, calendar and case information already in the AbacusLaw system.

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2022 Legal Practice Management Buyer’s Guide

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